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How an international youth group support volunteering ?

Under the Erasmus+ Program, young people from Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic and Poland spent 8 days in Bytom, participated in the „Empower of Youth“ project – youth exchange on volunteering topic.

Together, they created a non-formal educational space for young people, using the city’s various possibilities. During the week spent together they have:

  • developed the volunteer code,
  • prepared youth volunteering strategies for their cities,
  • met with local youth,
  • mixed their cultures during the event on the municipal market,
  • loudly promoted volunteering during the 11th Intergalactic Superheroes Meeting in Bytom.

The main topic of the project was youth volunteering, both as a way of personal development and as a tool for acquiring new skills and abilities. Participants showed the opportunities offered by volunteering for young people, but also worked on youth involvement in NGOs and cities.

Project was organised by the FEIS Foundation in partnership with the Futuro Digitale from Italy, the EUphoria from Greece and the ASK from Czech Republic. The exchange was carried out on September 14-23 this year, under the Erasmus+ Program.


The volunteer code – infographics information

As part of our #EmpowerofYOUTH project, young participants from Poland, Italy, Greece and the Czech Republic looked at volunteering as opportunities for personal and professional development for young people. Together they prepared a volunteer code consisting of three infographics:

  1. advantages and disadvantages of volunteering,
  2. volunteer rights,
  3. how to start volunteering?

Young people from Europe wanted to reach their peers in a concise and accessible way, talking about volunteering in simply way. A group of almost 40 young people recognized volunteering as one of the basic issues in their development.

In their understanding, volunteering is not only a way to help others, but also a way to shape the reality around us. Thanks to volunteering, our towns and local communities can function much better. Volunteering builds real social relationships and affects the satisfaction of community members with belonging to the place where they live. For many of them, volunteering is more important than professional work, which may not always be completely consistent with their interests.

For these reasons,  group of young people from 4 partner organizations have committed to actively promote volunteering in their localities. In this way, they want to influence young people and overcome one of the biggest barriers to the development of volunteering – the lack of proper communication and promotion.

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