Believe in Yourself, Erasmus+ project

On September 17-23, 2020, young people from our organization took part in an international project in Poronin (Poland) that was organized by the Stowarzyszenie – Porozumienie Pokolen from Slawkow – „Believe in yourself!“. The project was co-financed under the Erasmus + Programme.

Except for our group, the project was attended by representatives of Stowarzyszenie – Porozumienie Pokolen (Poland) and representatives of Vidin fund Chitalishta (Bulgaria).

The honorary patronage of the „Believe in yourself!“ project was taken by the Mayor of Slawkow – Mr. Rafal Adamczyk.

The topic of the project was the problem of stress, which is a significant problem in the lives of young people and which young people do not exactly know how to deal with it. It affects practically every person at every stage of life and at any age. Young people are not aware of the negative effects that stress can have on their psyche and physical health. They are more and more ambitious, have more and more duties, extra activities after school, and set goals and enormous demands.

Young people’s pace of life is accelerating and they are faced with important decisions, such as choosing a university, first interviewing, or applying for a first job. The requirements of the environment are also growing, both the immediate (parents, teachers) and the more distant (the labor market). All this causes stress, which causes that young people do not believe in their abilities and feel even worse, unsure of their future. It is a serious and ignored problem among pupils and students. Pressure, subjectively perceived stress, and the lack of satisfaction with life declared by young people are a very important warning signal that cannot be underestimated.

For the participants of the international meeting, this thematic field was extremely important, and thanks to taking up many problematic issues during the youth exchange, they gained new knowledge and skills related to various techniques and methods of fighting stress, body language, and public speeches to improve the quality of their lives and counteract stressful situations.

The aim of the project was to broaden the knowledge about the phenomenon of stress, stressors, methods of stress prevention, the impact of stress on the body and psyche of a young person, and to expand the competencies related to dealing with stress using various techniques and methods; body language and public speaking; effective planning and organizing your own time;

Within the seven-day youth exchange, participants conducted many interesting and interesting thematic workshops and activities that allowed them to achieve all the objectives of the project. The meeting schedule was varied and interesting for young people. Creative learning was accompanied by excellent moods and great motivation to act.

The project was implemented in English with the use of non-formal education methods such as integration games, thematic workshops, creative activities, meetings with experts, discussions, exchange of experiences, online meetings, evaluations, reflections, national evenings, etc.

„Believe in yourself!“ had not only an educational dimension and contributed to the development of participants‘ competences, but also allowed to make new international friends. For many people, it was the first experience of working in an international team.  

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